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At the end of this post you’ll find a printable list of what to pack for a cruise to Alaska that you can use to aid your packing and pre-trip organisation.Any price and availablility information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of any products.">Price Disclaimer The Ideal Alaska Cruise Packing List What to Pack for Alaska Cruise


When you’re planning what to wear on Alaskan cruise you need to cover three different styles of outfits – excursion clothes, casual clothes for around the ship and formal attire for evenings.Join us for some fun and friendly discussions.[Festival Holi Celebrating Vrindavan Mathura In]

.I recommend one nude everyday bra, one white sports bra and a black bra for under evening wear.


Formal Attire for Evenings

Most 7-day cruises will have two formal dining nights.Eagle Creek packing cubes are my favourite. Shirts and dresses can go into a folding case like this. Read my complete guide to packing cubes here including a video on how to use them! Hang dresses and shirts on arrival and then put your packing cubes, shoes and toiletries in drawers so you can put your suitcase away for the duration of the cruise.Product prices and availability are subject to change.Price Disclaimer Extra Things to Take on an Alaskan Cruise

    Binoculars – For wildlife spotting Laptop & charger – Load a few movies onto your laptop for quiet evenings in your cabin Cellphone & charger Camera, extra memory cards & charger – If you’re looking for an excellent compact but powerful camera for travel I highly recommend the Sony a6000 mirrorless camera.


humangear GoToob 3-Pack Travel Bottle, Clear/Green/Blue humangear GoToob 3-Pack Travel Bottle, Clear/Green/Blue List Price: $23.81 Price: $20.72 You Save: $3.09 Price Disclaimer Luggage for Alaska Cruise

We’ve covered your Alaska cruise clothing but here are a few tips on how to pack for an Alaskan cruise that will be helpful for your trip!

    Bring one rolling suitcase as your luggage on board your Alaska cruise.It depends how formal you want to go.Same goes for a women’s plaid flannel shirt.You can throw your shirts on over a merino and under a fleece or jacket for an extra layer of warmth on excursions too. 6 T-shirts & tank tops – Striped tees work great for cruises! You can wear your t-shirts or tanks as a layer for excursions too in case the weather warms up when you’re off the ship.See this video on 25 different ways to style your scarf.  Statement jewelry – Pick a couple of times items with colour that can instantly change the look of your evening outfits.You can also double them up and wear them as scarfs during the day.Keep one exclusively for onboard the ship during day & evening and one for wearing both on & off the ship.Throw in a third pair if you think you’ll need them. 2 Lightweight cardigan – Choose a simple black cardigan that you can add over your evening outfits for extra warmth and one casual, longer length one like this for wearing around the ship. Merino is excellent for warmth without weight. 2 Casual shirts – A denim shirt is great buttoned up or worn open over a t-shirt and packs much easier than a denim jacket.I think they’re the best travel shoe on the market.[Spend One Day In How Is You Toronto This]

      Seabands Dramamine Roll-on essential oils for motion sickness Chewable ginger candy


    Delsey Luggage Luggage Helium Aero 25 inch Spinner Suitcase Expandable Hardside with Lock, Titanium Delsey Luggage Luggage Helium Aero 25 inch Spinner Suitcase Expandable Hardside with Lock, Titanium List Price: $131.80 Price: $131.80 Price Disclaimer Toiletries
      Sunscreen – This is my absolute favourite sunscreen because it smells amazing. Insect repellent – Spray on repellent with DEET works best.Evening temperatures are generally between 40-50˚F (4-10˚C) which can feel quite chilly on deck but the inside of the ship, cabins and dining rooms will be warm.How far you choose to dress up is entirely your choice! Smart cocktail dresses are always a winner.These solid perfumes from Pacifica are my absolute favourite. Medication – Remember to pack this in your carry on bag. Toothbrush & toothpaste Tweezers A small first aid kit with band aids, pain killers, Neosporin and tiger balm. A travel flat iron is very useful for straightening and curling your hair.You can certainly adjust your Alaskan cruise wear based on your own personal style or clothes you think work better with your age and stage.

      Wondering what to pack for Alaska cruise? You’re not the only one! Coming up with an Alaska cruise packing list is one of the top requests I get from readers who are headed off on a cruise.You can download my Alaskan cruise packing list here.Plain v-neck tees also work well as a base for any outfit. Swimsuit – After a long day of hiking you might need a soak in the hot tub. Pool coverup – Use your kimono as a pool coverup (see below). Workout clothes – Pack separate workout clothes if you plan on using them every day or use your yoga pants & tank tops from above if you only need the odd workout. 8 Pair of underwear 3 Bras – Three bras is plenty for a one week cruise.Pick ones that look great with both your cocktail dresses and jeans. Flip flops – For around the ship and pool desk.



    Seasonal Considerations When Planning What to Pack for Alaskan Cruise
      What to pack for an Alaskan cruise in May- May is generally the coldest month for cruising in Alaska so throw in an extra merino base layer and an extra fleece for warmth. What to pack for Alaska cruise in June – You’ll find June similar to May with temperatures slightly warming up.I would suggest packing a separate cube each for underwear, tops and bottoms.And a fantastic white plus size cocktail dress that would be great cruise wear. 3 Dressy tops – Pick ones that mix & match with your jeans and skirt.This is a great one!Read my post on the best travel flat iron reviews here.

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    Motion Sickness Prevention

    If cruising makes you queasy, bring these four items to easy your motion sickness.[Ad Resorts In Family Best Spain]
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