The discussion around climate changeis huge at the moment, and travelling by train, it turns out, is much eco-friendlier than by plane or car.This is because carbon emissions from this form of transport are much less deadly to the environment, due to them not being released directly into the upper atmosphere, unlike a plane.However, this doesn’t happen when you travel by train.However, with the train, you can get super off peak ticketsalmost daily.Also, because to this, the industry doesn’t experience fuel hikes like other transport, meaning the prices stay fairly low in comparison.[Monday 101218 Escapes]

.This can often end up costing you a small fortune while in the lounge, and in the sky.

If you’re staying in the UK for a holiday this year, you’re probably wondering how to get there.You just turn up with your luggage, put it in one of the allotted spaces on the train, and that’s it until you remove it yourself at the other end – simple.


Another thing about airports is the fact you can’t take your own food on the plane due to the restrictions.Whether that’s by travelling at a certain time of day or just booking a few days or weeks in advance, chances are you’ll get them much cheaper than on the day

Save Time

Now, we can all say that possibly the worst part of being at an airport is the baggage check and reclaim process.Standing in line to get our bags in the hold, before waiting for ages to get them at the other end, it can all be a bit of a nightmare.But, when you travel on a train you can take your own food and drink without any worries.You could even take a spare backpack filled with goodies to enjoy as you travel.While you can get flights throughout the year that are cheaper than other times, this only really happens at specific times of the year.By car is usually the most common option, with a plane coming second if there is one.[And Round Up My Weekly Excitement]


The biggest advantage of taking a train, rather than a car or a plane is the simple fact that it’s cheaper.However, you’ll usually find a trolley or somewhere to buy food if you happen to forget supplies or begin to run low.

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