Like most people, growing up I loved having a Monday off and spending time with my family.

As we head into this weekend we wish you Ramadan Mubarak, Happy Memorial Day, and Happy Dragon Boat!

The post Holiday Celebrations appeared first on Rainbow Family Travel.[You In Borneo Malaysian Miss 9 Things Can8217t]This weekend is a busy one, Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer in the U.S., is typically full of family picnics, and outdoor play.This was the first Chinese holiday we experienced when we first arrived a year ago in China.We are planning to watch the Dragon boats race, eat zongzi, and may even hang palm.In Bahrain, my flat was near a mosque, and I became used to the calls to prayer five times a day.But, it’s not the only holiday that we’ll be celebrating this year.[2019 Travel Comfortable Sandals Most Guide For]

And now we find ourselves in China and will be celebrating Dragon Boat Festival.It became a familiar sound, then and even now.But to me, the truest testament to their faith was fasting during Ramadan.

.But Memorial Day is also a time we stop and pay tribute to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country. While serving in the Navy myself, I was stationed in Bahrain and Afghanistan.In the evenings, after the sunset, the streets would fill with people coming out to enjoy seasonal treats and share meals with their families and friends.I admired the devotion and commitment made by those who answered each call with personal prayer.Ramadan began at sunset on Friday night, and I find myself thinking, too, of those celebrations.[8211 But Worth For This REI Coupon Its A Only Not The Getting Membership REI Is One]
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