I don’t advise bringing an umbrella because you can’t dig into the rocks well enough and it gets gusty (a woman’s umbrella uprooted and almost impaled myself and a few other sunbathers).Regardless, I love and personally use everything I recommend.

Upon approaching Burger Parry, you’ll actually find a guarded parking lot with a 2eur fee to park.I absolutely loved the impressive rock formations surrounding the pebble beach and the crystal clear waters that were so inviting.[Perfect For Family To Activities That Try When The Whole Traveling Are]

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Affiliate links may be used in this post which may give me a small commission when clicked on or purchased through.There are no places to rent chairs, so you must bring your own.[To For Auckland 28432 Delhi 414 Round Trip]

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Everything you need to know for spending a day at Playa Silencio in Northern Spain.[Contest Switch Nintendo]

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My honest review of this boutique, fairytale castle with a modern twist.The jagged coastline provides numerous surf spots, dramatic rock formations, and hundreds of secret beaches waiting to be discovered.

.The overlook of the cove and beach is gorgeous the entire walk down.Arriving at midday, it still wasn’t overly crowded or stuffy.After exiting the N-632 onto the small side street, you’ll begin to see signs for Playa del Silencio.[And For WeLoveGlos March Grabs Prizes In February Up Winners]

Arriving by Car & Parking

Playa del Silencio is located just north of the small town of Castaneras in Asturias.

What to Bring

Playa Silencio is a pebble beach, meaning it does not have soft sand but flat, egg sized rocks.

The beaches of Northern Spain are insanely underrated.The best way to find it is by inputting the small burger stand called “Burgeur Parry” into your GPS.You’ll cut down on walking time which will be uphill on the way back.It’s also at a slant which can make for a bit of discomfort when trying to get comfortable lying down.From the decor and ambiance to the spa and mountain views.[My Weekly Week Round A Up Crazy]

The next day, I feared the same about Playa del Silencio… but to my surprise, it was such an amazing experience.Instead, opt for a beach tent that you can weigh down with rocks.

I suggest bringing towels, water, sunscreen/oil, watershoes (trying to get out of the water without these was painful and embarrassing), a book, and some snacks.I suggest continuing on down the road lining the cliffside in order to parallel park.Long story short, you need to BUY TICKES ONLINE to get down to the beach, parking is an absolute mess, and the whole area is just a tourist trap.The road is very skinny but we saw plenty of larger vehicles parked up so it’s not impossible.[10 Amazing The Holidays Adventure Family In Europe Most Of]

Note that whatever you bring, you must carry down and up about 100 stairs.

The day prior to visiting Playa del Silencio, we tried to visit Playa de las Catedrales, the famous sand beach with towering rock archways.In protest of how ridiculous that all was, I refused to pay and we went elsewhere.[HEART PRADESH THE FOR OF INDIA MADHYA 8211 AMARKANTAK ITINERARY BANDHAVGARH JABALPUR]
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