Now, even with all those restrictions with careful planning these tickets can be a good deal.You could fly Miami to Chile to Japan, but then you could not fly Japan to South Africa as you have already crossed the equator in that direction. 3.As soon as the award booking period opened, I was trying to book those tickets.They were debating the merits of buying a Round the World Ticket vs just buying the flights (or using award tickets) as they went.I ended up calling the airline and for 2 business class seats and 2 economy seats on the route that we wanted to travel on.Finally, I went on the airline website and found that they had just started a flight route from Hartford and I was able to get 4 award tickets on that flight.

Lessons in not using a Round the World Ticket Lesson #1: Be Flexible

Our first big flight was from the US to Dublin.I was pricing out the awards, and they were coming out to 60,000 miles for everyone.For example, if you are starting in the USA and fly East to London, you would not be allowed to “backtrack” west to visit Dublin. 2.You want your next flight to leave from Rome.We booked the business class flight.In business class for 4 it was 153,000 miles.But it wasn’t the right choice for us.[My How I Better Simplified The Lifefor]

Checking in for our Award Flight to Dublin, no Round the World flights here Recently, I spent some time chatting online with another family who was looking to do some long-term travel of their own.Each airline partner group does this a bit differently.The 2 business class seats were only 20,000 more miles each.Some airline base the ticket and ticket cost based on miles, but you are charged for miles that you might not fly, the overland miles.Say you fly to London and take trains to visit Paris and Rome.I expanded my search to DC, still no luck.Considering that the flights were less than $100 a person, I just paid for them.I knew this would be one of the longer flights we would be on, almost 11 hours.You can cross the equator only once in each direction, north to south and south to North.So we felt like this was a great use of our miles.I can’t wait to see the kids’ faces when we use those tickets!

Resources for booking Round the world tickets

Star Alliance One World Sky Team Virgin

Resources for Travel Hacking and Miles

Travel Miles 101 The Points Guy FlyerTalk Expert Flyer

Even if you aren’t booking a round the world ticket, there are always ways to save on airfare.Tell us your best airfare savings story.

Lesson #3: Business class is an option

We are flying from Cyprus to South Africa.So I am hoping that more open up closer and we can upgrade the 2 economy seats. We will also be flying from South Africa to Singapore.I figured that over the course of 20 flights and 2+ years, this could save us as much as $20,000!  Now, we had to figure out which flights to use our miles for and which flights to just buy.[Bellissima The Visit On MSC Review A]

What is a round the world ticket?

It is a ticket that costs a fixed amount for a certain number of flights that go around the world.I’ll use our miles elsewhere.

1.I priced out the flight in economy for 4, 100,000 miles.I was scouring New York and Boston area flights for 4 award tickets to no available.I added my two cents to this debate and explained what we did and why.[Our Ticket A The Wrong The Was Family For Choice World Round]

We decide that we wanted to try and use miles as much as possible for our flights.Your mileage will be deducted for the route overland from London to Rome as if you had flown it. 4.I knew that we could get the flight for 60,000-80,000 points for the entire family one way.

.If I were to buy those tickets, it would have been $700 per person.[Visiting De Momias Las In Dead Guanajuato De The Museo Guanajuato]

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Lesson #2: Pay for the short haul flights

I was looking for some within Europe flights from Prague to Romania.They do not allow backtracking.Some limit your number of flights, some restrict the miles you can travel, but they all have rules.[Celebrations Holiday]
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