7.Stay in top hotels

As per the history of India, many ancient palaces of Mughals that rules India for so many years have been transformed to five star hotels.He loves to read articles related to travel, and Holidays.You can have a luxury tour to India it is that much reasonable including food, places and stay.

12.Incredible wildlife

Travelers who love animals or want to collect pictures, then India can be an ideal place that is contented with wildlife.Highly affordable

India is a very affordable place to spend your vacations, hitting the position 10th for “Best place at competitive price”.[ Brake Cycling Get Realistic 5 Up Your Big To Goals Gear To]

8.Most of the time, when you’ll travel to hill stations via train you can enjoy the natural beauty with an amazing waterfall between the mountains.Yes, it is possible at one and only Golden Temple in Amritsar, defining Sikhism religion.And as per my opinion, one should experience everything that their journey throws their way.Meet the popular 7 wonders building

The Taj Mahal is one of the famous buildings in 7 wonders of the world that is also a piece of eternity love.But a country that can give you unforgettable traveling experience with its diverse culture and religion from luxury to slums- tours to India!

Every traveler once in a lifetime should visit India to explore mountains, beaches, and nature.These palaces treat every traveler with great respect, maintaining their culture in every aspect.

.This country is absolutely blessed.[Paris Trips Wonderful Day From]

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4.It is a dream come true for many travelers!

9.India resonates art culture

India is the destination where you will find incredible art done in the past.You can spend your day on house boats that were anciently utilized to transport grains.[W8217S 8211 THE NAROPA OF HIMALAYAS8221 FESTIVAL THE 2018 3 OF 8220KUMBH]

2.Though the city is full of hustle bustle, but you will find beautiful parks, yoga classes and huge for people along with long markets that has so much to offer.And this ceremony is a blend of peaceful aggression by the border guards, in a simple term a professional wrestling between two nations.

11.Touch the Himalayas

If you love adventures, then shifting towards north India is a viable way to explore amazing activities.Enjoy the insanity of country capital

Delhi the capital of India that has been rule in the past by great kings.He provides various packages for tours to India.See a slice of grandeur

Undoubtedly, Goa is one of the lovely places to visit once in a lifetime, but if you want influential palms, turquoise color water, and golden sand- direct yourself towards Havelock islands.He also has a strong passion for writing creative blogs and articles about Travel and Holidays.[Celebrations Holiday]

15.Art is in the heart of the country and you will feel that everywhere.

10.You can see the zeal of people celebrating festivals like Holi, Diwali, Eid, Ganesh Chathurti, Navratri, and lot more, regardless of their religion.Everybody participates in each other’s festivals, for which India is actually famous for.Every state in India has their specialty when it comes to food that truly reflects the culture of that particular place.[Of Beauty Of Churches The Texas Intriguing The Painted]

Author Bio- Shobhit Kumar is a travel blogger and currently working with India Holiday Mall.Visit the temples to make yourself believe in humanity

India is a holy country that is evolved with beautiful temples designed incredibly and has unbelievable stories behind it.Travelers often trek through these mountains and enjoy the beauty, capturing every path in their cameras.Try backwaters cruise in Kerala

Kerala celebrates the festival of backwaters, where small narrow ships run towards the end line in the waters.There’s no other country in the world that can show you so much of respect and take through different culture.Like the culture of the country, even the food is extremely delicious and superb! You will taste diverse spices in the food of India and the interesting part is, you will find a great variety in food, which is never-ending.However, when it comes to choosing a destination that suits your pocket and gives you beyond your expectations becomes a bit tough as there innumerable choices.On the wild-watching outing, you will find every wildlife animal starting from tigers to lions, to rhinoceros to hawk and eagles.You can also participate in activities like Paragliding, skiing, mediate peacefully and a lot more.[Holiday To Travel Next Your Five On Abroad Safe Tips]

5.You will be speechless once you are in the northern region of India contented with greenery, snowy mountains, fresh air and green waters. This tropical unique island is floating in the Bay of Bengal, offering immense pleasure to the visitors as it is the best diving place across India.

13.Taj Mahal is undoubtedly a beautiful place to visit in India, which also attracts a major attention from tourists who are on golden triangle tour India.Witness the splendid festivals

Festivals of India indeed are the most amazing way that defines the meaning of “Unity in Diversity”.You can also visit historical forts in this state that reflects the monarchy rule happened in the country.[South In In Weekend Welsh Wales Best Out Discovering Days The Valleys]

14.Nobody is unaware of the ancient battle between India and Pakistan of 1947; however, to maintain peace between the countries the concept of a bizarre border ritual was introduced in 1959.Here the food is prepared and served non-stop for the people without any laziness.

6.You can witness the history by visiting places like Ajanta and Ellora caves that is contented with elegant sculptures, stories, etc.[Accessible Fantastic World The Around Tourist Destinations]

3.Just imagine the culture of sharing and celebrating food with 50,000 pilgrimages, regardless of their culture and religion.But travelers usually travel across the world to discover themselves.Besides the tea, the beauty of this place is incomparable! Being second largest tea-producer, India attracts a good tourism towards these states, enabling them to see how we take care of tea and dive you through different flavors.

Well, traveling is all about exploring new places and spending quality time with loved ones.The story of this elegant place is sweet to voice and you will feel that while touching the walls of the beautiful place.[Amsterdam]

15 Reasons to Visit India at Least Once in Your Lifetime 1.Backwaters of Kerala are a beautiful mess of canals, lakes and winding rivers stretching nearly 50 miles.Enjoy the railway expedition

Indian railway trips are long, full of fun, and filled with incredible sceneries.Tea planting

Indian tea is world-famous, which can be mostly found in the eastern India in the Assam and Darjelling.Don’t forget to visit the Wagah border parade

This place will make give you the feeling of patriotism for sure even though you are not an Indian citizen.Some of the highlights are National Jim Corbett Park, Pench, etc.
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