#3 Slovak Pub (Obchodna’ 62, 811 06)

An excellent labyrinth-like shop.Both were palliative for the cold we had felt a little earlier.Risotto, soup, chicken fillet are some of your choices.The portions are gratifying and in excellent quality.The soup with cheese and garlic flavor inside a loaf of bread is the specialty of the shop.From soups we chose it with chicken and beans.The person will need about 15-20 € for a delicious meal.



#4 U Kubistu (Grösslingová 2524/2 6, 811 09)

Here the food is very special.Of course, the menu is also for vegetarians.[Steps Life In Tidying Tiny Your Up]

.It has great space and a nice atmosphere.For main dishes keep it! Christos chose the “Old Czech KOLKOVNA platter” that was really huge and I (Marianna) “Grilled Chicken” with a chicken that really melted! Our dishes accompanied a salad with a pancake turkey and a scallop.What is the kitchen of the destination country? What suits your tastes, what not others are ready for experiments.Keep in mind that good food does not need to be too expensive.This is a classic Slovak restaurant with heavy seats and large wooden tables.It’s probably a combination.We have not seen so many different levels so far with everyone having their own name.You want to decorate the dishes.Average price per person is about 15 € for a good meal.

The food in Bratislava has nothing to jealous of the best restaurants in Paris and as you figured prices are at the same level as other European countries.[Ticket Delhi Moscow Goa For 249 17183 Open Jaw]



#2 Urban House (Laurinska 14, 881 01)

A shop with an interesting decoration since it has something of industrial design while the large wooden library gives a warmth in the space.Pizza, burgers and salads are some of the dishes you can choose from.Have a great breakfast too! Depending on whether you will accompany your food with a cocktail, the prices range from 15-20 € per person.

#1 Food in Bratislava – Kolkovna Eurovea (Pribinova 8, 811 09)

This particular chain is a chain and you can find similar in Prague and other European countries.The person will need about 20 € to eat very well at Kolkovna Eurovea.[To In Try 5 Unusual Family Adventures Florida]

When you think of a holiday automatically your mind goes to eat! What’s new you’ll taste.Correctly; We, to be honest, love the good food.You can also ask for the day dish, which is always a surprise.It is worthwhile to try their handmade beer while having a menu only for students and teachers.We thoroughly look for all the choices given to us and we choose both safe dishes and more “subversive” for our tastes.On every trip, however, our budget is leaning towards food.

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