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Disclosure: My daughter and I were hosted by Disney to attend a preview of this new dining experience.What are the appetizers at Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures? Here is a run down. 

Banana Wrap Disney Princess Breakfast AdventuresPhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

On the top tier there was a banana wrap with nutella and a berry compote.It is topped with a seasoned shrimp and Tomolive.These were probably the least popular item at our table.This was the first indication that this character dining experience was going to be drastically different than the typical Disney character buffets I had experienced in the past.Turns out, she liked it.A musician played classic Disney Princess songs on his guitar.Tic tac toe boards were placed on the tables to keep us entertained during our short wait.During our meal we were visited by Princess Jasmine and Princess Aurora. 


Dessert at Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures Desserts Disney Princess Breakfast AdventuresPhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

The most exciting course of the day for my daughter was dessert.As you will see, this menu has more of a brunch vibe than a breakfast vibe.It all sounds very tasty but neither my daughter could handle the idea of trying a big sandwich like that after sampling so much food.

The newest Disneyland character dining experience is sure to delight Disney princess lovers of all ages.Divine!

Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures Main Course Main Courses Disney Princess Breakfast AdventuresPhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

The main course is served buffet style, but the caliber of food is so much higher than any character dining buffet I have attended in the past.It was divine and hands down the favorite dessert of my little chocolate lover.The little sandwiches reminded me of high tea experiences I have had in the United Kingdom. 

Chia seed and granola parfait Disney Princess Breakfast AdventuresPhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

On the bottom tier were my daughter’s three favorite appetizers.I usually avoid buffet line scrambled eggs like the plague, but I decided to give them a taste and see if Disney’s claims were legit.The chicken tasted like real fried chicken instead of chicken tenders and the waffle was the perfect sweet compliment to the savory chicken. 

turkey sausage Disney Princess Breakfast AdventuresPhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

After that came the usual breakfast meats- bacon and artisan turkey sausage.You can book reservations up to 60 days in advance.The consistency of the cheese was more “Kraft” than “homemade” but the flavor was significantly better than the boxed stuff.This is such a cute part of the experience for young ones, who ask Belle the funniest questions.We appreciate their hospitality but all opinions are our own. 

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Disney Princess Breakfast AdventuresPhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

At the very end of the experience we were lead into a room where Rapunzel was waiting to take a picture with us.The waffles are Mickey-shaped (and super adorable) and it is served with a side of maple syrup.Regardless, these were heavenly clouds of warm sweetness.I thought the experience was fantastic and would love to experience with some of my friends as part of a girlfriend getaway.One sip and we were transported to the beach!

Cajun Mary Disney Princess Breakfast AdventuresPhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

I am a big Bloody Mary connoisseur so I had to try the Cajun Mary.After some coaxing, I got my daughter to listen to the princesses, be courageous, and try the lobster.She always seems to have the perfect answer. 

Mulan Disney Princess Breakfast AdventuresPhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

After story time we met Mulan out back and she had my daughter get into warrior pose to take a picture with her.It was at that moment that we decided we definitely needed to order our own fancy drinks.

Colors of the Wind drink Disney Princess Breakfast AdventuresPhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

My 12-year-old daughter went with The Colors of the Wind, a beverage made lemon juice, orange juice, passionfruit juice, pineapple juice, ginger beer, and apple cider.There was fruit salad, fruit skewers cut into fun shapes, and big bowls of ripe strawberries.[NEWS The Family Wandermust For BIG]

.Both were great and again, a definite step above what you expect to get out of a buffet line. 

Fruit skewersPhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

That was followed by a large assortment of fresh fruit.I though the crostini was quite lovely and appreciated that the lobster salad wasn’t heavy with mayonnaise. 

Beignets DIsney Princess Breakfast AdventuresPhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

On the other side of the parfait was one of  Tiana’s famous beignets.Recently, my daughter and I had a chance to preview the new Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures at Napa Rose Restaurant inside Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel at the Disneyland Resort.Here is a complete review of Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures.

braised short ribs Disney Princess Breakfast AdventuresPhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

Next on the line was the braised short ribs.This was far and away my daughters favorite item on the menu.I opted for the spicy version because I like things spicy and let me tell you, it was the most spicy Bloody Mary I have ever had.It was so fun to eat and the sorbet was truly fantastic.This special experience is available Thursday through Monday between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM.We glanced to our right and spied an adorable little girl sipping on a beverage that was the most incredible shade of fuchsia.I was blown away by how good those eggs were! Nicely done!

Mickey chicken and waffles Photo by: Sharlene Earnshaw

Next in line were the chicken and waffles.I was hoping for a bit more lemon zing in the tart and my daughter isn’t big on raspberries.My preteen daughter thought the experience was very fun and would do it again in a heartbeat.Guests are given a Disney PhotoPass card which can be redeemed for a digital download of the photo. 

As children 3-9 leave Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures, they will be given a gift of either a crown necklace or a sword and shield.A Disney photographer was on hand to capture the moment and this picture is included in the cost of the experience.Banana fans will love this one.It has a nice caramelized exterior and tastes more like dessert than your typical appetizer. 

ham and cheese tea sandwich Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures Photo by: Sharlene Earnshaw

One the second tier were lovely tea sandwiches made with cream cheese, ham, and a cranberry sauce atop white bread.Plus, it is so pretty!

Lobster Crostini Disney Princess Breakfast AdventuresPhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

On one side of the parfait was the lobster salad crostini.It also had a coloring-changing ice cube inside which added to the fun of this very tasty beverage. 

Ariels Grotto Disney Princess Breakfast AdventuresPhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

Later in the meal, she switched over to Ariel’s Grotto Grog which is a concoction consisting of passion fruit syrup, lemon juice, Pina Colada mix, Falernum syrup, pineapple juice, and ginger beer.[In Things Cambridge To Do UK]

raspberry tart Disney Princess Breakfast AdventuresPhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

One of the desserts on the bottom tier was the petite raspberry tarts.The flavor was quite sweet; they are macarons after all!

strawberry honey sorbet Disney Princess Breakfast AdventuresPhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

My favorite dessert was the strawberry honey sorbet which had a cotton candy topper and Pop Rocks sprinkled atop the sorbet.It was also during this time that we were visited by Tiana, who told us the beignets were her very own recipe.Children (ages 3-9) are given an autograph book and pen.Here is what they have to offer:

perfectly scrambled eggs Disney Princess Breakfast AdventuresPhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

The first stop in the buffet line are the “perfectly scrambled eggs“.Any child who loves Disney Princesses will think this is the best meal they have ever had.They also receive a box of princess truffles and a cinch bag to commemorate the experience

The total cost for this experience is $125 for adults and $125 for children 3-9.The cake itself was chocolate chip and clearly they tasted good because my daughter had no problem eating both of them!

Story Time and Final Princess Visits Belle Story Time Disney Princess Breakfast AdventuresPhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

After your divine desserts, a cast member will escort you out to the back patio where coffee, tea, and water are available while the little ones listen to a story told by Princess Belle.I think Disney has hit a home run with this new Disneyland character dining experience .

Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures Review  Ariel Disney Princess Breakfast AdventuresPhoto by: Disney Parks Magic from the Moment You Check In

After checking in at the front desk of Napa Rose Restaurant, we were encouraged to sign the guestbook.I think this dish is supposed to appeal to kids so they play games with texture and color to entice them to try it. 

Barbecue beef slide DisneyPhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

Next came the pulled beef slider with BBQ sauce and pineapple salsa on a Hawaiian bun.These were so tender that they fell apart the instance my fork touched them and they were full of great flavor.Then we were escorted to a table in the lobby and offered champagne and sparkling cider to enjoy while we waited for our table.But still, they were good.[Tours To Guide Disney A VIP] Cake Pops Disney Princess Breakfast AdventuresPhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

Finally, the last dessert on our tray were a pair of beautifully decorated chocolate princess cake pops.I love how much Disneyland prioritizes great, quality food these days.We both agreed that we would be happy eating a full size portion of that for breakfast daily.It is made with Ketel One vodka, lemon juice, Worcestershire, and Disney’s secret Cajun Mary mix.I found it to be delicious but if you are more sensitive to spice, you might want to go mild. 

Next time I visit I have my eyes on Awakening Beauty– Ketel One Citron, X-Fusion Passionfruit, Combier, strawberry puree, lemon juice, sparkling water- and the King’s Coffee which is made with coffee, Christian Drouin Calvados, Oban 14 year scotch, Licor 43, allspice, and topped with whipped cream and nutmeg. 

Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures Drink MenuThe Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures Drink Menu Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures Appetizers Appetizer Tray Disney Princess Breakfast AdventuresPhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

Our eyes got huge when our server brought over a multi-tiered tray of appetizers for my daughter and I to share.I really liked the flavor combination.What can I say other than the presentation was beautiful and the veggies were great!

french fries Napa RosePhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

You thought that was enough food, but you were wrong! During the main course we were also served these big, fluffy, seasoned french fries with homemade ketchup and Romesco sauce! Somehow we found an extra stomach to fit them in.[Places To Best Eat Vancouver In]

Aurora Disney Princess Breakfast AdventuresPhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

Of course, all throughout our meal were greeted by more Disney Princesses.She told us that they were caramel flavored but to be honest, the caramel flavor didn’t really come through.We were treated to a 3-course meal that was elegant, delicious, and filled with Disney magic.Given the track records of all the other items on the menu, I am guessing it is pretty darn good. 

roasted tomatoes and Asparagus Napa RosePhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

Finally, the last item was roasted tomatoes and asparagus.Advanced reservations will most certainly be needed.Here is a run down of what to expect regarding dessert at Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures. 

Almond Crunch with vanilla chantillyPhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

On the top tier of the tray was almond crunch with vanilla chantilly.In the center was a heavenly chia and granola parfait with mango, kiwi, and coconut.A Disney princess (Rapunzel during our visit) was hanging out in the lobby and greeting little prince and princesses. 

Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures Drinks Fearless Guardian Disney Princess Breakfast AdventuresPhoto by Sharlene Earnshaw

After being escorted to our table, our cheerful server handed us a drink menu and encouraged us to order something special.Her eyes lit up when our server brought a tray filled with some of the most adorable little bites.I overheard her talking to a little girl at a table nearby about the importance of courage and trying new things, including new foods.My daughter picked them as her #1 favorite appetizer. 

Photo by: Sharlene Earnshaw

As if all that wasn’t enough, we were also presented with a basket of homemade breakfast breads and a little jar of lemon curd cream.I found they paired especially well with the perfectly scrambled eggs. 

mac and cheese DisneyPhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

After that came the house made mac & cheese which comes with or without bread crumbs on top.I loved this message and noticed that several of the other princesses echoed it during our visit.It reminded us both of a peanut butter and chocolate mousse.

seashell macarons Disney princess breakfast adventuresPhoto by: Sharlene Earnshaw

Sea Shell macarons with mango passion fruit ganache were a hit because if anything, they were truly works of art.It was a nice palate cleanser in between the sweeter desserts.[Escapes 11032019 Monday]
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