Driving around with a local and visiting the attractions with him has its advantages.For sure! 😀 



If you have any recommendations, remarks or tips, we’d love to hear them in the comments so everyone who is planning to visit Mexico can read it and take your advice.Last but not least, I am adding our new video on YouTube. 



After couple of days in Cancun we went to Tulum.During our trip to Chichen Itzu, Cenote Segrado, Playa del Carmen he was telling us, how it goes in Mexico, what are the rumors and where to be more careful.We have heard so much about this place, we could not skip it.There are swings, swing nets, pom-poms, knitted puppets..Probably the very first country, where I regretted not buying the souvenirs and not having the space in our luggage.

Mexico was not actually my dream destination.Whether it is true or not, this place is full of beautiful models and the “young blood” in general so if you want to party, this is the right place for you.[Our Ticket A The Wrong The Was Family For Choice World Round] 


If we come back to Mexico, we will take one more suitcase with us.We all travel by our own ways, some of us are nomads, loving to travel by their own, others enjoy to travel with their family.So Ondrej was jogging every morning approximately 4 kilometers there and back to the closest shop where they had something more than just water..A really picturesque view.Tulum is basically one beautiful street on the beach, with many small shops, bars, cafés all in the mexican-boho style.The pictures are great, but sometimes they cannot capture all of it.And the priority goes to those based on a true story.And he also knew where is the best place to eat, to park the car or where it will not be a never ending queue and/or how to avoid it.

.He lived some time in Belgium and had travelled throughout the world.Probably that was the reason why I was really impressed afterwards.On top of them is the price.Personally I was a little bit afraid of Mexico, that is why we were choosing the more touristy places, but we’d love to get inspirations from you for the next time.[De Country Mexico8217s Intriguing The Guadalupe Wine Valle] 


Dave, our neighbor who was taking care of this flat, which belonged to his friend, arranged with us to show us some places and give us a ride wherever we needed.[Company Made Curl England Hair In Product For Curly The Review]🙂 Even Dave told us this story, his own way, so we are sharing this tip with you 🙂 


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Ondrej had it clear from the beginning – he wanted the accommodation through AirBnB, eat on the streets and really soaking up the Mexican atmosphere.[To Helpful Cheap Tips Find 6 Flights] 


Our accommodation was about 5 km away from the beach, which was definitely not the best decision.There were no shops, nor restaurants close by, which is not really good considering having a small kid with us.We all have different expectations and dreams to fulfill.Unfortunately, I cannot give you the contact to Dave, because he’d already left back to Belgium 😀

accommodation – Tulum accommodation – Akumal accommodation – Cancun


P.S.: During our travels, we have this little tradition of ours, to find a movie filmed in the destination where we are.Having burrito just by crossing the road and enjoying it with the Corona for a couple bucks.



We weren’t afraid, he is a young man about the same age as we are.In Mexico it was ‘Man on Fire (2004)’ which  is based on a true story.Although our vila was extremely beautiful, with a rooftop pool, we had to ride a bike every day to get to the centre.Me, the one crazy about all the colours and trumpery, I didn’t know where to look first.I even wasn’t a big fan of the Mexican cuisine.Allegedly since Justin Bieber bought a vila not far from there, is Tulum having the tourist boom.Don’t get attracted by the cheaper and more beautiful places to stay, located so far from the centre.Well, until then.[Travel Own How To Scrapbook Your Create Album]



Here are the links for the accommodation in Cancun, Tulum, Akumal and even the contact for Dave, with whom you can arrange the car rent, driving and visiting places and even the pick up from/drop off to the airport.The locals have always different prices and it applies both to souvenirs and food, so thanks to Dave we did not get ripped off.But we’d prefer to live closer.
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